Changing a property for all articles on a publication.

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This week I had to change the pre_creation_cmd from ‘delete’ to ‘drop’ on all articles of a publication. I could do this manually or I could find all articles by using sp_helparticle. Lazy as I’m I opt for the latest option.

DECLARE @articles table
[article id] int,
[article name] varchar(255),
[base object] varchar(255),
[destination object] varchar(255),
[synchronization object] varchar(255),
[type] int,
status varchar(255),
filter varchar(255),
description varchar(255),
insert_command varchar(255),
update_command varchar(255),
delete_command varchar(255),
[creation script path] varchar(255),
[vertical partition] varchar(255),
pre_creation_cmd varchar(255),
filter_clause varchar(255),
schema_option varchar(255),
dest_owner varchar(255),
source_owner varchar(255),
unqua_source_object varchar(255),
sync_object_owner varchar(255),
unqualified_sync_object varchar(255),
filter_owner varchar(255),
unqua_filter varchar(255),
auto_identity_range varchar(255),
publisher_identity_range varchar(255),
identity_range varchar(255),
threshold varchar(255),
identityrangemanagementoption varchar(255),
fire_triggers_on_snapshot varchar(255)

DECLARE @article_name varchar(255);

INSERT INTO @articles
exec sp_helparticle  'Your replication publication name';

DECLARE article_cursor CURSOR FOR
SELECT [article name] as base_object FROM @articles;

OPEN article_cursor;

FETCH NEXT FROM article_cursor
INTO @article_name;


EXEC sp_changearticle
@publication = 'Your replication publication name',
@article = @article_name,
@property = N'pre_creation_cmd',
@value = 'drop',
@force_invalidate_snapshot = 1,
@force_reinit_subscription= 1;

FETCH NEXT FROM article_cursor
INTO @article_name;


CLOSE article_cursor;
DEALLOCATE article_cursor;

After this you need to reinit all the subscriptions.

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